Judge Brett Kavanaugh ….latest info!

In my opinion, the Democratic Party has conducted very biased, prejudiced and unfair hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court from ‘day one’!!

At the first hearing, Democrats, led by Senator Richard Blumenthal, were rudely shouting out “Delay,Delay,”!! They kept interrupting Conservative Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) as he tried unsuccessfully to stop their interruptions and “Delay” tactics and get on with the hearings!

Sen. Grassley finally lost patience, told the Dems. their would be no “Delays” and the meeting resumed!! Thank you, Senator Grassley!!

In early June,2018, Dem. Sen. Charles Schumer made a public promise to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court with “Everything I’ve Got”!!

Schumer votes strictly Anti-Trump and Anti-Trump Judge Kavanaugh!!! Is this the way to lead in America and guide American Citizens??? No Facts!!

In 2009, before President Trump came into office, Schumer advocated for strong borders to keep America safe and strong!!

When Donald J. Trump became President almost 2 yrs. ago one of the President’s main Agenda was for “strong Borders and strong Border Control”!! Anti -Trump Schumer suddenly switched to Open Borders, no Border Control or Border restrictions!! Now Schumer and team mate Nancy Pelosi are totally Anti-Trump advocates of ‘Open Borders’, Sanctuary Cities,etc. Everything Anti-Trump!!

Is this the way to lead in America and guide American Citizens??? No Facts!!

Dem. Sen Dianne Feinstein did a lot of talking with Judge Kavanaugh at the hearings…She received an anonymous Letter in the mail regarding accusations of sexual misconduct with an accuser. Ms. Feinstein shared the Letter with some Dem. Senators for 2 months,never told Republican Committee Chairman Grassley about the letter until the 11th hour when the Letter, the Accuser and all allegations surrounding the incident became public knowledge!! Was this Ms. Feinstein’s political ploy, dirty trick, or nasty revenge?? Is this the way to be a leader in America and guide American citizens??? No Facts!!

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was vilified, treated disgracefully, and humiliated by the accuser with No Facts only questionable allegations and accusations all through the hearings!!

No Facts!!

Judge Kavanaugh was accused by the Democrats of the most deplorable allegations and his two beautiful young Children, his Wife, his Mother and his Father were subjected to repulsive accusations!! No Facts!!

All through this difficult process, President Trump had complete faith in Judge Brett Kavanaugh….and when the Democrats wanted more information….President Trump asked the FBI for a 7th FBI investigation into the most recent allegations against Judge Kavanaugh! The investigation ended the other day and the FBI found no corroboration, no obstruction, and no evidence of any wrongdoing!!

Now the character assassinating Democrats are upset and are attacking the FBI even though the FBI* followed procedures precisely!! (Can You Believe That!!)

P.S, 134,000 Jobs added in Sept. and Sept.
Unemployment is the lowest in years at 3.7%…

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