The “FLOP”

Charles Schumer is an anti-Trump politician, always ready to pounce with his anti-Trump news (usually fake and failed!) This week, Charles Schumer came out with his latest rumor: “President Trump’s Asia trip is a “Flop”… This Schumer negative comment backfired in epic proportions almost immediately leading to an embarrassing but very necessary retraction!

President Trump is extremely busy this past week at a 10 day Asian trip working with our allies to find common ground and build a strong global community. President Trump was treated with great respect in all the Asian countries he visited, including South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and the Philipines. The trip will hopefully increase trade benefits, the economy, peaceful solutions, etc. leading to a very strong and healthy global position with our Allies.

While President Trump is busy each day on his 10 day Asian trip, Charles Schumer goes on TV today to declare his ‘negativity’, He rattles off his latest anti-Trump rumor that the “Asian Trip is a “Flop”! The trip is not over yet, and the President is still in Asia!! Schumer is now a mind-reader??

In my opinion, you don’t have to like President Trump… But Schumer should at least have a responsibility and a respect for America that when our President is working overseas with important Allies we should all be on his side!!

In my opinion, Charles Schumer not only embarrassed himself…. but once again demeaned his political position and the Democratic Party!!

In my opinion, it is Charles Schumer who is the “Flop!!!”

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